A Lyrical Retelling

What?  You’ve never heard of Andrew Peterson?  Well, it’s time I remedy that.

Andrew Peterson is my favorite musician for many reasons, not least of which is his Christmas album entitled Behold the Lamb of God.  In the following short interview, Peterson describes his album as “a lyrical retelling of the coming of Jesus into the world,” and that it is.  Listen to what Andrew Peterson has to say about his Behold the Lamb album and tour:

I was introduced to Andrew Peterson’s music early in college, and as soon as I heard the first song, I was hooked.  Peterson is a storyteller, a poet, and a theologian.  His songs are rich with meaning and biblical truth.   Continue reading “A Lyrical Retelling”

AP’s Reply

Just remembering the time that my favorite musician, Andrew Peterson, responded to what I wrote about his song, “The Reckoning.”  See the highlighted comment.  (I was a giddy schoolgirl when I saw what he wrote…I mean, he’s a master of words, so he couldn’t have given me a higher compliment!  Yes, Andrew, you could have said it better yourself.)  Good times.  Great song. Continue reading AP’s Reply

External link to "The Reckoning (How Long)" by Andrew Peterson

"The Reckoning (How Long)" by Andrew Peterson

“The Reckoning (How Long)” by Andrew Peterson My favorite musician, Andrew Peterson, is releasing a new album entitled Counting Stars on July 27, 2010.  A radio version of the compelling single “The Reckoning (How Long)” from the album is already available on iTunes, but I found the—in my opinion, even better—album version streamed on this blog.  Lyrics are included, free of charge.  If this song … Continue reading "The Reckoning (How Long)" by Andrew Peterson