A Multicultural Easter

Happy Easter! 復活節快樂!

We celebrated Easter Sunday at New Life Bilingual Church, a Southern Baptist church plant here in Kaohsiung. It’s the church that my sisters and I have been attending this year. We love the pastor and the people. The preaching is great, the music is encouraging, and the fellowship is rich. This year, Easter was extra-special for my sisters and me because our mom is here visiting for two weeks, so we were together for Easter Sunday. Continue reading “A Multicultural Easter”

29 Years

29 feels good to me.

30? Well, we’ll see when that hits, but I have a whole year to be 29 first.

And what a year it should be!

It’ll be hard: moving away from Taiwan and saying sad goodbyes, starting life in a new community, adjusting to living with a boy (I hear they can be kinda gross)…

It’ll be glorious: celebrating my wedding with friends and family, starting fresh in a new place with new adventures, sharing life with the man I love.

I am so very excited about the road ahead no matter what twists and turns–exciting or difficult–it will take. But today I’d like to take just a moment to enjoy the journey so far and to celebrate turning 29. Continue reading “29 Years”