A Stellar Staycation

This past week, Charles and I had off from school for Fall Break. We originally contemplated going to the beach but eventually decided that we’d rather take a “staycation” by staying home and doing things we enjoy. We were able to take it easy but also accomplish some tasks and errands. We did laundry, cleaning, and shopping, Charles spent two days working uninterrupted at school, and I completed a much-needed reorganization of the pantry/laundry room/tool cabinet/cleaning closet/etc. room in our house. We had fun playing games together, watching episodes of our favorite TV shows, spending time with Emi, taking a walk in the local park, video chatting with friends and family, going out to eat, and doing our “own thing” like reading for me or playing computer games for Charles. All in all, it was just what we needed and was a stellar vacation! Continue reading “A Stellar Staycation”

{Segue} One Week!

A festive red envelope from a friend in Taiwan. Red envelopes are used when gifting money for special occasions.

One week from tomorrow, I will become the Pretzel Lord–ahem–Mrs. Prezalor. I’m not even married yet, but I’ve already heard the nicknames on repeat–from my middle school students (I tell them that Charles is the “Pretzel Lord,” and I’m the “Pretzel Lady”) and from friends: “That sounds like ‘Praise the Lord!'” It seems like whatever my last name (Hatcher=Hatch or Hatchling), there are always nicknames readily available. That’s okay with me.

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Candid Love

While Charles was visiting Taiwan in January, we went out to beautiful Cijin Island to do an engagement photo shoot with Ashleigh Nicole Photography. Ashleigh is my incredibly talented sister who shot and edited the photos, and my other sister, Sara, worked as Ashleigh’s fantastic assistant that day. The backdrop of Cijin Island couldn’t have been more unique and stunning, and the day is a treasure of memories for me Charles and me. This album is just a sampling of the framed and candid moments of love that were captured that day. Continue reading “Candid Love”