It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We did the Christmas decorating early this year because of how busy we’ll be after Thanksgiving. We had a fun Friday evening of listening to Christmas music and preparing the house with lights, the tree, candles, nativities, and other Christmas collectibles. I love pulling out the Christmas boxes and rediscovering the treasures that I haven’t seen for a year.  Continue reading “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”

Holiday Blessings

The past six months have been exhausting. I haven’t written much on the blog because life has been happening at warp speed. On the list of significant life stressors, Charles and I can check off four major ones for this season of our lives: moving, new jobs, marriage, and sickness. Add to that the culture stress of living in a foreign country and the extreme rigor of our jobs, and we’re utterly wiped out. I am so thankful for this Christmas vacation (two weeks off–the blessing of the teaching profession) to rest and recuperate. I don’t think I’ve ever needed it more in my life. Continue reading “Holiday Blessings”

Memories for a Lifetime

all smilesToday’s is a blog update via photos. Charles has been here in Taiwan for Christmas vacation, and we’ve had a superb time together so far. We’ve spent time relaxing at home, sightseeing and eating out with friends, and connecting with family (here and afar). Since we have only these three weeks together between now and the wedding this summer, I’m savoring every waking moment. Continue reading “Memories for a Lifetime”

Tweaked Traditions & Perfect Plans

I love tradition. I delight in recreating the memories and moments of years and times gone by. I’m terrible at throwing things away in my home because as I sort through objects–some of them completely worthless–I can’t help but remember all the moments or feelings associated with them. I listen to certain music or watch old movie favorites solely for their nostalgic powers. Continue reading “Tweaked Traditions & Perfect Plans”

A Lyrical Retelling

What?  You’ve never heard of Andrew Peterson?  Well, it’s time I remedy that.

Andrew Peterson is my favorite musician for many reasons, not least of which is his Christmas album entitled Behold the Lamb of God.  In the following short interview, Peterson describes his album as “a lyrical retelling of the coming of Jesus into the world,” and that it is.  Listen to what Andrew Peterson has to say about his Behold the Lamb album and tour:

I was introduced to Andrew Peterson’s music early in college, and as soon as I heard the first song, I was hooked.  Peterson is a storyteller, a poet, and a theologian.  His songs are rich with meaning and biblical truth.   Continue reading “A Lyrical Retelling”