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{Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant

It's funny how distance and travel time are relative. I used to think that driving from KY to NJ and back during a four-day weekend wasn't so bad (only twelve hours each way), but now the thought of going four and a half hours to Kenting seems like a looooong trip. Maybe it's because Taiwan is so much… Continue reading {Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant

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{Foreigner in Formosa} Two Local Gems

One of the fun parts of living in a foreign country and of moving to any new location is finding the local gems. There are two particular food favorites that we've come across within a block from our apartment, and I'd like to share them with you now. Dan Bing Breakfast Shop Dan bing (蛋餅)… Continue reading {Foreigner in Formosa} Two Local Gems

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Memories for a Lifetime

Today's is a blog update via photos. Charles has been here in Taiwan for Christmas vacation, and we've had a superb time together so far. We've spent time relaxing at home, sightseeing and eating out with friends, and connecting with family (here and afar). Since we have only these three weeks together between now and… Continue reading Memories for a Lifetime

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Chinese “Cheers”

This is a typical conversation between me and my good friend, Laura, on any given night of the week: Me: "Where should we go for dinner?" Laura: "I don't care. You pick." Me: "The tang bao place?" Laura: "Yes, absolutely!" There are several facts that I need to explain in order to emphasize the significance… Continue reading Chinese “Cheers”