Getting to Know the Neighborhood

We live downtown in Taichung, Taiwan in an area that is close to just about everything. The hospital where we get our medications and see our doctors is a walk away. We have a pretty little park around the corner. There are bakeries and tea shops, clothing stores and hair salons, grocery stores and restaurants on… Continue reading Getting to Know the Neighborhood

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{Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant

It's funny how distance and travel time are relative. I used to think that driving from KY to NJ and back during a four-day weekend wasn't so bad (only twelve hours each way), but now the thought of going four and a half hours to Kenting seems like a looooong trip. Maybe it's because Taiwan is so much… Continue reading {Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant

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A Multicultural Easter

Happy Easter! 復活節快樂! We celebrated Easter Sunday at New Life Bilingual Church, a Southern Baptist church plant here in Kaohsiung. It's the church that my sisters and I have been attending this year. We love the pastor and the people. The preaching is great, the music is encouraging, and the fellowship is rich. This year, Easter… Continue reading A Multicultural Easter

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{Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot

Last night, my friend and I went to a hot pot restaurant in town. There are lots of places in Taiwan that serve hot pot; many restaurants offer it as a menu option alongside noodles, dumplings, and other delicacies. At those restaurants, you order a set meal of raw items that come with a boiling… Continue reading {Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot