Eyes to the Mountains

"I lift my eyes to the mountains--where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2



Dear Friends and Family,

I went into the operating room around 8:30 a.m. (Taiwan time), and the surgery last about 2 1/2–3 hours.  The doctor said that it was a perfect surgery with no complications.  They did a frozen pathology on the mass as soon as they removed it, and it was completely benign, so they had to remove only the left side of my thyroid.  Praise the Lord for that and for the mass not being cancerous!  I was in the recovery room for about 2 hours, and I was back in my hospital room around 1:30.  My family said I looked great; in fact, Ashleigh and Sara were a little disappointed that there wasn’t anything funny to video record.  ;) Continue reading “Eyes to the Mountains”

On Wings Like Eagles

I have decided to widen my circle of prayer regarding a health issue I am facing.  For some, this post will be an update on the situation, and for others, it will be an explanation from the beginning.  Please read on…

I share this story as a request for prayer but also as an opportunity to praise God for his faithfulness; I have witnessed evidence of God’s hand in this situation in so many specific details along the way.  About a month ago, while I was home in the States for summer vacation, I found a lump on my throat.  I was standing in front of a mirror while taking some pills, and I noticed that my throat looked strange when I swallowed.  I don’t usually watch myself swallow, but I did this time because I was sharing a hotel room with my family and the bathroom was the only available place for me to be at the moment.  The fact that I found the lump on my throat while at home in the States is to me the first evidence of God’s hand. Continue reading “On Wings Like Eagles”