I Will Yet Praise Him

Running on Empty

Anxiety. Depression. Brokenness. Hurt.

No one asks for these burdens. No one hopes for loneliness and pain. Depression often creeps up and surprises its victims in the worst possible way. It did for me.

I didn’t wake up one day and pray, “Lord God, I think I’d like some time off of work, so maybe a bout of serious depression is in order.” No, it happened slowly, a little at a time, and before I knew it, I was in a pit of despair. I didn’t see this coming. Continue reading “I Will Yet Praise Him”

Remembering Sunshine

As you know, I am involved in a ministry called Taiwan Xi En (formerly His Hands Taiwan) that serves women and children in Taiwan. One of the ways I volunteer with this ministry is by writing and/or revising brochures, website content, letters, etc. Recently, I had the privilege of helping to write the story of a dear little child who taught us the hope and love of Christ through her life and death. Several friends contributed to this piece, but I was tasked with weaving together the full story of baby Sunshine. I asked the director of Taiwan Xi En if I could share this story on my blog because I want as many people as possible to hear about Sunshine and about God’s hand at work in Taiwan. You can visit the original Taiwan Xi En post to view more photos of Sunshine’s life.

This is the story of Sunshine.  Continue reading “Remembering Sunshine”