Fix My Gaze

Tonight, I need Jesus. I feel the ache of longing, of needing to belong, of reaching out to connect with Someone in this universe, of yearning to be covered by the healing balm of God’s love and peace.

I’ve always loved the poem, “A Noiseless Patient Spider,” by Walt Whitman. In it, the speaker captures what I believe is the cry of every soul: to fling out a thread (like the spider spinning her web) that will catch somewhere, that will bridge the gap from one heart to another, that will connect to something outside of itself in this world.

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Beauty in Deformity

“Beauty in Deformity”

Flawlessly the dissonant chords resonate–
rubbing and ringing.
The pain in the notes bearing
a crying, a caressing,
a longing…
The rhythm alternating
Quickening pace,
while voices crescendo.
A sometimes echo reaches
from the depths of wretchedness,
sparks a light, illuminates, dazzles, grows to a blaze–
Then suddenly!
reverberates from the fleeting chaos,
rests on the notes past
and drips lovely peace.
Music is born from the belly of
the unconventional.
And still in consumate tension,
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