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Can I Take a Sick Day?

I have an anxiety disorder. It might be temporary (here's hoping), but for now I'm dealing with it. Though not a particularly serious one, it is a mental illness. That term, "mental illness," is crucial to understanding what I'm going through and how I'm healing. At first when my counselor categorized my anxiety and depression as "mental illness," I balked.… Continue reading Can I Take a Sick Day?

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Reflections from Taiwan on Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

Being Away It's hard to be away when tragedy strikes. By "away," I mean anywhere that separates you from family or friends who are dealing with heartbreak and loss. It could even happen when a place that you love is hit by disaster and you're not close enough to help or even to grieve with… Continue reading Reflections from Taiwan on Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

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Back By Popular Demand

Perhaps that title is a little a couple of ways. I am NOT referring to Typhoon Tembin being back by popular demand, although this post is about the typhoon's probable second bashing of Taiwan. I am talking about my meteorologist wannabe posting frenzy, but I don't actually believe that the general public is clamoring for my return… Continue reading Back By Popular Demand