Restless Dreams

Recently, I’ve been having a recurring dream that I am going back to Asbury University as a graduate student. In the dreams, I am always rooming with one of two friends from my real Asbury days–incidentally both are named Sarah–in the regular undergrad dorms even though we are working on our master’s degrees. The weirdest aspect of the dreams is that though I am still married to Charles, for some reason (job-related, I think), Charles cannot move to Wilmore to be near me, and I spend the dream trying to reconcile deeply missing him with my desire to pursue further education. Another consistent and unnerving aspect is that a considerable amount of each dream entails unpacking, setting up the room, trying to fit everything into tiny closets, adjusting to college life, realizing I don’t have enough supplies, worrying about finances (those courses are expensive!) and feeling generally unsettled. After the most recent iteration of the dream, I woke up feeling confused about my whereabouts and about reality. Continue reading “Restless Dreams”