{Segue} Building my R.A.F.T.

Simple raft (Mykola Swarnyk) / CC BY 3.0

Nearly four years ago as I was preparing to come to Taiwan, I attended Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) and learned, among many things, about the importance of building my RAFT.

RAFT is a nice little acronym that’s meant to help us remember the foundational elements of a healthy transition:

Think Ahead.

It’s a term that’s tossed around the Morrison community a lot, probably because we’ve all been through PFO and because we say goodbye so often. When someone is leaving Taiwan to head home to Canada or the U.S. or to travel on to new exciting places, you hear a question like, “How’s that RAFT-building going?” Over time, I’d forgotten the specific components of the acronym, but the meaning remained quite clear to me: RAFT = healthy transition. Continue reading “{Segue} Building my R.A.F.T.”