The Calm (?) After the Storm

Dear Friends and Family,

I guess the one nice thing about a typhoon is that it confines a person to her home and allows her time to write.  Well, the typhoon has passed, and I know the school year has begun because I have an obvious lack of time.  To add to the craziness of my busy school schedule, Sara and I did the unthinkable and bought a puppy two nights ago.  Of course, this was unthinkable only to me because Sara has been dreaming of this day since she was born.  However, I think she imagined that the puppy would live at her house, and so did I!  Since Sara is not allowed to have pets in her apartment complex, I am housing our little puppy and wondering if life will ever be the same again.  Continue reading “The Calm (?) After the Storm”

A Strangely Melodious Sound

Friends and Family, I never thought the sound of a toilet filling up with water could sound so beautifully melodious!  Literally minutes after I sent the last email update, I heard the toilet filling up and things happening in the pipes.  I took a normal-length hot shower, and it was glorious!  Seems that the water is back on (at least for now).  PTL for His … Continue reading A Strangely Melodious Sound

Continue to Lift Up Taiwan

Friends and Family, I don’t know what the news is broadcasting in America, but I just wanted to send you a couple of links to news articles about the devastation from the Typhoon in Taiwan.  It is worse than any of us could have imaged.  I am thanking Abba that we are all okay here, especially since Kaohsiung County (where we live) is the place … Continue reading Continue to Lift Up Taiwan