I Love a Good Storm

After all the hype about Super Typhoon Usagi bearing down to batter Taiwan, I am looking out my window at a completely dry, albeit a bit overcast morning sky. What’s the deal?

According to the latest Wunderground weather map, we should be getting some precipitation by now. Where’s the wind and rain and the excitement?

You might be thinking, “Well, that’s great! You’re being spared the worst of it.”

You’re right. I’m thankful that I’m not bailing water out of my house or lighting candles and quickly realizing how much I depend on electricity.


I love storms. That might mean I’m crazy, but I do. Continue reading “I Love a Good Storm”

Back By Popular Demand

Perhaps that title is a little deceiving…in a couple of ways.

  1. I am NOT referring to Typhoon Tembin being back by popular demand, although this post is about the typhoon’s probable second bashing of Taiwan.
  2. am talking about my meteorologist wannabe posting frenzy, but I don’t actually believe that the general public is clamoring for my return in this writing arena. :) Continue reading “Back By Popular Demand”

Terminator Tembin: “I’ll Be Back”

Current Conditions: 

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Ha, with the unpredictability of this storm, I think that might actually be possible! But really, the wind and rain started sometime in the night, but it’s nothing to talk about yet. Just a normal overcast morning in Kaohsiung. If you look at the satellite images, you’ll see we’re getting the front end of the storm now, so the intensity should pick up as the storm moves over us. Continue reading “Terminator Tembin: “I’ll Be Back””