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Tacloban Relief Trip Support

Remember that disastrous typhoon that struck and leveled areas of the Philippines just a few months ago? Many of us have already forgotten, but those in the Philippines are still in desperate need of support and rebuilding. My youngest sister, Ashleigh, is going on a relief trip to the Philippines next week. The team she… Continue reading Tacloban Relief Trip Support

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Back By Popular Demand

Perhaps that title is a little a couple of ways. I am NOT referring to Typhoon Tembin being back by popular demand, although this post is about the typhoon's probable second bashing of Taiwan. I am talking about my meteorologist wannabe posting frenzy, but I don't actually believe that the general public is clamoring for my return… Continue reading Back By Popular Demand

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Terminator Tembin: “I’ll Be Back”

Current Conditions:  Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Ha, with the unpredictability of this storm, I think that might actually be possible! But really, the wind and rain started sometime in the night, but it's nothing to talk about yet. Just a normal overcast morning in Kaohsiung. If you look at the satellite images, you'll… Continue reading Terminator Tembin: “I’ll Be Back”