Typhoon Tembin in Taiwan

“This is meteorologist Christel Hatcher reporting from Dashe, Taiwan.”

Ha ha, just kidding. But I am a bit of weather-girl-wannabe, so I’ve decided to create some simple posts on my blog as we experience Typhoon Tembin in Taiwan. I think this will be a good way to share updates (including photos & videos) once we really get rockin’. Since the rain and wind haven’t started yet, I’ll give a little synopsis of what the storm has been doing so far. (And if by some crazy chance the typhoon is a complete let-down and peters out, I’ll let you know that too). Continue reading “Typhoon Tembin in Taiwan”

Nanmadol Weakening

Check out the following article:  Nanmadol downgraded to tropical storm after landfall in Taiwan – CNA ENGLISH NEWS.  Thank goodness Nanmadol has been downgraded to a tropical storm.  I don’t think we’re completely in the clear yet though since as the article stated, “Southwestern Taiwan is expected to experience increasing rainfall in the coming hours.”  However, I’ll say again that this is NOTHING compared to … Continue reading Nanmadol Weakening

Typhoon Fanapi

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Many of you have heard news of the typhoon that swept through and engulfed Taiwan this weekend.  I would like to give a quick written update, but I think the most interesting part of this post will be the pictures and videos of the storm.  Read, look, and watch on!

The Big Picture

Praise the Lord that my sisters and I, all of the other Morrison staff, and all those involved with His Hands Taiwan are safe after brutal Typhoon Fanapi blasted us for the last day and a half.  Continue reading “Typhoon Fanapi”

The Calm (?) After the Storm

Dear Friends and Family,

I guess the one nice thing about a typhoon is that it confines a person to her home and allows her time to write.  Well, the typhoon has passed, and I know the school year has begun because I have an obvious lack of time.  To add to the craziness of my busy school schedule, Sara and I did the unthinkable and bought a puppy two nights ago.  Of course, this was unthinkable only to me because Sara has been dreaming of this day since she was born.  However, I think she imagined that the puppy would live at her house, and so did I!  Since Sara is not allowed to have pets in her apartment complex, I am housing our little puppy and wondering if life will ever be the same again.  Continue reading “The Calm (?) After the Storm”