The Stuff of Dreams

I am a dreamer, but unfortunately, I don’t mean in the poetic, wonderful, pondering-the-future-and-all-its-possibilities way.  I mean that I have a very active dream life when I sleep.

My sisters are laughing right now if they are reading this.  But who am I kidding?  My sisters don’t read my blog!  So I’m safe.*

My sisters tease me about a certain habit I have after I’ve experienced a crazy dream. Perhaps because I’m an external processor, or perhaps because I find writing therapeutic, or perhaps simply because I’ve tricked myself into thinking that this helps, I find comfort in writing out the dreams that I can remember shortly after I’ve dreamed them.  It is my belief that when I write out these dreams one of two things happens:  1) If the dream was pleasant, I have something to remember it by days, weeks, or even years later, or 2) If the dream is unpleasant (which is more often the case), I deal with it and move on.  I actually do think that when I write out my nightmares, they revisit me less frequently. {Insert laughter from sisters.} Continue reading “The Stuff of Dreams”